About the Patient Portal

About the Patient Portal

Now you can easily communicate with your doctor and get some of your medical information from the comfort of your home 24/7. The Patient Portal is a secure web-based tool for patients and our practice to communicate more effectively with one another.
The Patient Portal allows patients to:
• View your Personal Health Record
• View current appointments
• Request appointments
• View refill history
• Request referrals
• View educational documents
• View past statements
• Update personal contact information
•Update personal health history
• Send non-urgent messages to the practice
• Receive non-urgent messages from the practice


Getting Started

Messages are delivered automatically to us throughout the day. We will also e-mail appointment reminders to your about upcoming  scheduled appointments.

To use this service, patients will need to register with the office and obtain a username and password. Upon initial login, you will be asked to read the Privacy, Disclaimers, and Consent Form and agree to appropriate use of the patient portal. 

Any member of our staff can provide you with a username and password. Please allow 15 minutes for activation. You may change your password the first time you log into the system. Please keep this new password as secure as possible. If you forget your password, we can reset the system so you may choose a new password. We can also disable your access if you change your mind. Please allow 60 minutes for the deactivation to complete. 

Please keep information regarding your Username and password in a secure location.

Access to the portal is only available to persons who are in our system as active patients and those who have been given a username and password. Actual chart documents like lab reports, x-ray reports, etc. are NOT available for download or viewing far security reasons. the system allows you access to certain pieces of information from your chart but not the entire chart itself. the patient portal mainly a communication tool.

Please DO NOT use the Portal for the Following:

•Urgent medical issues
• Urgent visit request
• Urgent prescription refill requests
• Medical consultations from the doctor for
NEW medical issues or concerns
• Communication regarding other family members

Sending Us Messages
Go to your inbox under messages, click the compose button at the top left. When finished with your message, click send button
at the bottom right. 

Your E-mail Address
Please remember to notify us if your e-mail address changes or we will be unable to notify you when new information is available. You may update this and other information directly through the Portal by going to Personal Information, make your changes and click Update

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